An alternate reality game that explores an intersectional approach to climate awareness.


My Role

Our team created an experience where players joined a faction called the Outsiders to fight for the environment against corporate destruction. The game focused on educating about the effects of climate change on low-income communities.

Game design, narrative design, interaction design, visual & promotional prints, content strategy


March 2018 - May 2018

Our Story

The story begins in the University of Washington Bothell’s expansive acres of wetlands. It is home to hundreds of species and is essential to the health of the ecosystem. However, a company called Midnight Industries has plans to bulldoze the area to create commercial shopping centers and expensive apartments. As a member of the Outsiders, we refuse to be pushed out of our homes and together we will make our voices heard.


Media Campaign

In order to promote our ARG, we created a multi-level media campaign. We created two websites for our game, one designed to publicize the project and the Outsider faction, and another for Midnight Industries. The two websites we used to broadcast the conflict between the opposing sides and gather interest on the days leading up to game day. We also created a Twitter and Facebook page to further promote the game. Lastly, we designed posters and fliers, one for the game itself, one for the Outsiders, and one for Midnight Industries.


Our Game

Our game has four parts, three nodes and a motherbase. Players would progress through each location and complete the activities there. 


Protest Node

The rabbit hole into our ARG was a protest. Players would engage in our story line there where our characters told them about Midnight Industries and their plan to destroy the wetlands. We asked them to write down something that they feel is important to fight for regarding the environment. 


Mother Base

After they completed the task at the first node, they will follow the path of leaves to our Mother Base. We used the trailer beside the library. There we debriefed the players about the important documents and specimens they must capture at the next node. We also provided snacks and a board game called Corpromise there for players to enjoy. 


Espionage Node

After player's been given information and a fake ID badges, they proceed to infiltrate Midnight Industries. We had guard characters patrolling the area so players had to stay alert when retrieving the items. After they've successful completed the task, they returned to Mother Base to receive their next mission.


Planting Node

As our final location, players planted the seeds they found from the Espionage node to take home. The plant represents growing ideas and striving for a sustainable future. As the game ends, we want the player to continue their own environmental fight. 

Game Day Execution