Lucid Screens

A qualitative research project in collaboration with the University of Washington Bothell Sustainability Department to increase the usage of the interactive screens around campus.


My Role

This project was an observation and research study on the Lucid Screens located in each building of the University of Washington Bothell campus and come up with possible solutions that could increase the overall student engagement with this technology and knowledge of campus sustainability.

UI designer, UX researcher & designer


Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

The Problem

Students don’t use the screens because they hardly notice them or don’t realize that they can be interacted with.

Students who do use the screens tend not to use them again because it doesn’t have information on them that benefit them on a day-to-day basis.

In general, people(not being asked to interact with the screens) will glance at them but do not interact with them. Some are unaware of the screens.



We want to take the information that Lucid screens currently has and transform it into a more attractive and interactive experience for its users. We wanted to do a full U.I. overhaul because of how limiting the Lucid screen backend is when designing the content layout. So with our ideal mockups, I created a cleaner and simpler layout.


The new home screen would include a front-facing camera that would activate as students walked by. This camera would have implemented interactive elements such as AR games. Once someone touches the screen, it opens up to the weather card. From there, they can swipe through the different cards and learn about events, electricity, water, natural gas, and solar energy on campus. People stated during our interview that if there was relevant information such as weather and events, then they would find themselves using the screens more frequently, hence the first two cards. We kept the campus’ energy data on the screens, but just condensed the information and updated the visuals. We also incorporated tips on each card so students can learn about ways to help the environment. This was also a suggestion we got from the students we interviewed.