A competitive game of cooperation that challenges players to think critically about the way companies and individuals operate when confronted with global climate change issues.

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My Role

Our game aims to illustrate that a solution will require the world working together to survive. Corpromise is designed to emulate the tragedy of the commons. We hope that players leave the game with a larger view on the internal conflicts which play a pivotal role on why some companies and individuals refuse to cooperate for the sake of our shared future."

Game design, narrative design, game art & material development, mechanics development 


March 2018 - June 2018


The game attempts to simulate the correlation between the pursuit of profit and the impact of unsustainable growth. By challenging the players to both compete and cooperate, we hope to highlight the difficulty in working towards a common goal, while at the same time having competing interests. We have purposefully made it difficult to lower the Environmental Impact counter to emphasis the difficulty present in reducing and repairing the damage to the planet.

Our Targeted Audience​

  • Age range: 13+

  • Genre: Educational

  • Gender: All

  • Playtime: 15-30 mins

  • Players: 4

  • For who: People who want to make an impact on climate change, anyone who plans on continuing to live on earth in the next two decades.


  • The game requires 4 Players.

  • The first person to reach $1000 wins the game.

  • If the All of the Trees are CUT from the game board, the world ends and everyone loses. There are a total of 20 trees on the game board

  • A Player’s turn consists of them first declaring Personal or Public and rolling the 4-sided die. The player then does the action that corresponds to the rolled number.

  • After all four players take their turn, the round ends. Move the season wheel to the next season and draw a World Event Card. Complete the action on the card.

  • The next round, the player with the least amount of money goes first. If tied, roll the die, and the player with the highest roll goes first.

  • If two players are at the same location and their position in the game is referenced (ie last place) both players roll a die. The player with the highest number rolled receives the effects.


First Prototype

Second Prototype

Final Game Board

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Reference Sheet

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Game Tokens


Season Wheel


World Event Cards